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The database provides members with easy online access to a valuable source of information about transfer-printed patterns and their sources. Patterns can be searched under Pattern (and Series) Name, Maker’s Name, Maker's Marks, Pattern Category, Border, Predominant Features, and by the Print and Ceramic Sources, that inspired them. Members will be able to access the full database with their logon and password, and they will be able to print or download pattern records of interest.

Connie RogersMeet Database General Editor Connie Rogers

Connie has served as General Editor since the TCC began development of the Database of Patterns and Sources in 2005. She is responsible for editing every one of the more than 13,500 patterns recorded to date. She also serves as co-editor of the Chinoiserie category of patterns as well as co-editor of the Tiles category. Connie’s knowledge of British Transferware is broad and deep and she possesses a comprehensive collection of reference materials used to validate and enhance the content provided by her team of expert editors. She is well known for her book, The Illustrated Encyclopedia of British Willow Ware, and for her lectures and many articles on transferware appearing in ceramic publications.

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