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Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates
36th Semi-Annual Americana & Fine Antiques Auction on
June 21 & 22

Day Two will have some outstanding transferware items ranging from charming children’s mugs to platters. Patterns include “Landing of Gen Lafayette at Castle Garden New York” by Ralph & James Clews, “A Gift from the Pottery”, selections from Hall’s Quadrupeds series, and a 65-piece set of William Ridgway’s (1830-1854) Italian series originally purchased by the Clopper-Hutton family of Montgomery Co., Maryland in the second quarter 19th century. The complete catalog will be posted by approximately June 7 on www.jeffreysevans.com. Follow this link ( https://jeffreysevans.hibid.com/preview/152954/june-22--2019--36th-semi-annual-americana-fine-antiques-day2/ ) to view preview photos of other auction items.

Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates
Auction Features Children’s Transferware
February 15, 2019

(Click on thumbnails to see larger images)

Jeffrey S. Evans and Associates will be holding its Winter Americana & Variety Auction on February 15 & 16. Day One will have some wonderful children’s transferware tea and table sets from the Collection of Mary Lou and Laura Esterline of Columbus, Ohio. Patterns include “Humphrey’s Clock”, “Asiatic Birds”, “Girl with Goat”, and “Institution/Monastery Hill”, among others. The complete catalog will be posted by approximately February 1 on https://www.jeffreysevans.com.

Follow this link to view preview photos of this wonderful collection https://jeffreysevans.hibid.com/preview/152957/february-15--2019--winter-americana-and-variety-auction-day-1


Please contact us if you are offering or know of an upcoming auction with an emphasis on transferware.

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Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates

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Merlin Antiques

We specialize in 19th century British transferware in all colors, and other British ceramics.
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The Masonic Hall, Philadelphia plate recently offered by TCC member Richard Marden sold for $7000, significantly over the $5000 reserve.

A ca. 1793 President Washington and Eagle medallion plate recently offered by TCC member Peter Scott sold for $9500.


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