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Annual Meetings

Our annual meetings are usually 2-½ days and provide members with the opportunities to:

  • attend lectures by transferware researchers;

  • exchange information on new discoveries;

  • meet the authors of recent publications;

  • visit important collections which are often not open to the general public, often with guided tours by docents or others with specific knowledge of the collections;

  • attend a transferware-exclusive show and sale, probably the most transferware available for purchase, anywhere, at any one time;

  • win exceptional transferware pieces during a Transferware Raffle (Raffle proceeds benefit the TCC Scholarship Program);

  • attend the annual business meeting, with opportunities to learn more about TCC activities and plans, and elect officers;

  • and have a great time in a relaxed atmosphere with fellow transferware enthusiasts.

Our meetings commonly include bus trips to transferware-related sites and collections which otherwise would not be accessible to our members. We usually enjoy a special "optional day" with even more exciting visits to interesting sites and collections. Past meetings are summarized below.

2018 Annual Meeting in Providence, RI
Save the date: October 18-21

2017 Annual Meeting

Our 2017 annual meeting, featuring seven lectures, two tours of extraordinary transferware collections, transferware show and sale, and much more, was a roaring success. Photos of the meeting are posted on line, thanks to Larry Bouterie.

Final Meeting Report.


2017 Annual Meeting Raffle Results
The 2017 TCC Raffle conducted at the Annual Meeting in Phoenix was a great success. A total of $1651 (including the Jumble Sale proceeds) was raised, which will benefit TCC educational programs. More information.

No. 1: Partial Supper Set in the Long Bridge Pattern No. 2: Set of Three Adams Teabowls & Saucers No. 3: Covered Vegetable Tureen by Bagster
No. 4: Large Serving Dish printed with the “Batalha Portugal” Pattern No. 5: Three plates in the Corinthia Pattern by Challinor No. 6: Covered Vegetable Tureen in the Ponte Molle pattern


The forthcoming Annual Meeting, “A Kaleidoscope of British Transferware Patterns, Sources, Shapes, & Sherds!” will feature:

  1. Visits to two private transferware collections! For details about these stellar collections, click here
  2. Engaging Speakers! For the list of outstanding presenters and topics, click here
  3. An informative Roundtable Discussion: “How to Liquidate a Collection” and interactive workshops! For details, click here
  4. Enlightening and enjoyable activities: information-sharing sessions and a transferware sale! For more information, click here

Don’t miss this golden opportunity to enrich your knowledge, your collections, and your friendships in a casual educational setting with fellow transferware enthusiasts. Reserve your space now as registration will soon close.

Program Close-Up #5 RAFFLE!
The ever-popular Transferware Raffle will return as a feature of the 2017 Annual Meeting. The raffle items will be on view, tickets will be sold, and drawings will be held during the Annual Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona. Proceeds will benefit the educational endeavors of the TCC. The 2017 raffle will feature a variety of beautiful transfer-printed wares, in many different forms and colors, with patterns from several collecting areas to include Chinoiserie and Romantic, British and European Themes. Each of the six prizes (individually or in designated groups) has a retail value of $200 or more.

No. 1: Partial Supper Set in the Long Bridge Pattern No. 2: Set of Three Adams Teabowls & Saucers No. 3: Covered Vegetable Tureen by Bagster
No. 4: Large Serving Dish printed with the “Batalha Portugal” Pattern No. 5: Three plates in the Corinthia Pattern by Challinor No. 6: Covered Vegetable Tureen in the Ponte Molle pattern

How It Works: A separate drawing will be held for each of the six lots. Tickets will be sold for $5 each, or 5 for $20. Meeting attendees are encouraged to participate enthusiastically by purchasing multiple tickets. Your generosity will increase chances of winning the prize(s!) of your choice while supporting the educational programs of the TCC. A win-win for all! Download information.

Thank You Donors! These raffle prizes have been generously donated by the following TCC members: Leslie Bouterie, Dora Landey, Nancy Parks, Nick Routson, Judie Siddall, and Stan Zagleski. 

Program Close-Up #4
2017 Annual TCC Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona Oct. 19-22
Focus on Activities & Events
Every TCC Annual Meeting takes place in a casual atmosphere, where attendees are encouraged to visit and connect with friends old and new. This collegial event offers many opportunities to engage in activities; share information, stories and treasures; and to learn from one another. Three special features of the Annual Meeting are designed to foster this casual, active engagement: the Show and Discuss Session, the Transferware Sale, and the Jumble Table.

Show and Discuss
After dinner on Friday evening, October 20, meeting participants will gather for an informal Show and Discuss Session. Members are invited to bring up to two items that they would like to share with others, and are encouraged to bring unusual, interesting, and “mystery” items. Enjoy this casual evening with fellow collectors; learn more about transferware from experts in the field; and share tales of transferware quests and finds.

Transferware Sale
This anxiously awaited annual event, open exclusively to TCC members, will be held on Sunday, October 22. A host of member-dealers will be offering a wide array of transferware items of exceptional quality, enabling meeting participants to add exquisite treasures to their personal collections. To facilitate shopping and ease of travel, a local shipping firm will be on-site to ship purchases directly to home or business. Bring cash, checkbooks and credit cards!

Jumble Table
The Jumble Table, which offers non-dealer members the opportunity to sell transferware and related reference books and prints from their collections, will take place during the Transferware Sale. Our jumble table coordinators will collect and display the items, assist with paperwork, and man the sales. Non-dealer attendees may place up to five items for sale on the Jumble Table for a nominal fee per item. Bring items to sell to make room for new treasures!

Download information & registration form.

2017 Annual Meeting Scholarships
scholarshipThe TCC announces the 2017 Annual Meeting Scholarships to encourage participation of young professionals at our October meeting in Phoenix, AZ. More information and application form.


2017 Annual TCC Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona October 19-22
2017 Annual MeetingThis year’s meeting will present a kaleidoscope of
British transferware patterns, sources, shapes, & sherds! See list of activities and the great lecture lineup. Download registration form.

Program Close-Up #3
2017 Annual TCC Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona Oct. 19-22

On Thursday evening we will kickoff our meeting with a roundtable that addresses the questions club members continually raise about how to ultimately find a new home for the items they have lovingly collected over the years. On Saturday morning, during interactive workshops, experts will demonstrate how to display, care for, and research transferware treasures.

Meet our Roundtable Participants:

  • Nick Routson: Nick will serve as moderator of the Roundtable Discussion.
  • Brenda Hornsby Heindl: Brenda is the Head of the Ceramic Department at Virgina-based Jeffrey S. Evans & Associates Auctions, experts in estate liquidation.
  • Dennis Berard: Dennis with wife Ann, is the owner of Dennis of Dad Antiques established 51 years ago in Athol, MA.
  • Miranda Goodby: Miranda is Senior Curator of Ceramics at The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK.

Learn more about Interactive Workshops:
Each attendee will select one workshop to enhance their personal learning experience.

  • Making Old Things New: Decorating with a Splash!
    In this workshop, avid antique collector, CEO, and professional designer Diane Brooks will share valuable tips on integrating a transferware collection into an overall decorating scheme.
  • To Restore or Not to Restore Your Treasured Piece
    Ceramic restoration will be the focus of the workshop conducted by Professional Restorer Sherri Conn, owner of The Ceramic Restoration Studio, based in Kinross, Scotland.
  • Patterns and Sources: A Treasure Trove of information in the TCC Database
    As an independent scholar, author, and transferware collector extraordinaire, Michael Sack has spent many years collecting and studying transferware and source prints, and is an avid proponent of, and contributor to, the ever-expanding TCC Database of Pat-terns and Sources.

Download information & registration form.

Program Close-Up #2
2017 Annual TCC Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona Oct. 19-22

The theme of our Annual Meeting, A Kaleidoscope of British Transferware: Patterns, Sources, Shapes and Sherds, will be brought to life by an outstanding lineup of speakers. Their topics span a range of transferware production from the mid-18th to the late 19th centuries; a wide variety of vessels to include table, utilitarian, and advertising wares; far-reaching distribution; a plethora of design inspirations and sources; and archaeological insights based on ceramic discoveries. These topics are sure to excite and inform transferware collectors of all genres, periods, and styles. Download information & registration form.

Program Close-Up #1
2017 Annual TCC Meeting in Phoenix, Arizona October 19-22
2017 Annual Meeting

The 2017 Annual Meeting’s Kaleidoscope of British Transferware will include bus trips to view spectacular transferware collections in two private homes, as well as visits to several notable Phoenix-area attractions.

The viewing of private ceramic collections has always been a very special and popular feature of the Annual Meeting agenda. This year, longtime transferware collectors Loren Zeller and Nick Routson have graciously invited attendees to their lovely Phoenix area homes to view and enjoy their extensive collections, which span several periods and collecting genres. Time spent in the Valley of the Sun will be enhanced by visits to an historic mansion and dinner at the world-renown Phoenix Desert Botanical Gardens. Download information & registration form.

TCC Raffle Donations Requested
raffleAre your closets and cupboards brimming with transferware? Please consider sharing your treasures by making a donation to the TCC Raffle which will be held at the October 2017 Annual Meeting.

In this popular event, a limited number of high quality items are donated by TCC members, raffle tickets are sold, and winners are announced at the meeting. All proceeds support TCC’s educational mission. Get more information.

Past Meetings:

2016 Annual Meeting Oct 23-26
by Stephanie Hallinan, Carolyn Horlacher, and Betsy Sweeny*

The 17th annual TCC meeting was held in Charlottesville, Virginia, October 23-26 2016. This year’s participants experienced a number of lectures by TCC members, including guest lectures by TCC members who are historical archaeologists working in Central Virginia at the presidential homes of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. This combination of collectors, dealers, and researchers provided a well rounded conference where everyone was able to learn from one another. The meeting was organized by Leslie Bouterie, ably assisted by her husband, Larry. Download report. Larry has posted amazing photos of the meeting, available here.  
* TCC Annual Meeting Scholarship recipients Archived information.

Featured Presentations from the 2016 Annual Meeting
At the 2016 Annual Meeting held in Charlottesville, Virginia, eight speakers enthusiastically engaged meeting participants with presentations on a variety of transferware topics. Among the speakers were two very popular presenters from the UK, Pat Halfpenny and Richard Halliday. Funding from The Paul and Gladys Richards Charitable Foundation Grants for the Research of British Transferware enabled the Club to provide stipends to these two featured speakers to assist with travel expenses. Pat and Richard provided engrossing presentations which highlighted the talented craftsmen involved in the creation of transfer prints: the artists, designers, and engravers; as well as details about the copperplate printing process. The TCC is pleased to share these two content-rich presentations with all club members and transferware enthusiasts.  Please note:  the Halliday presentation is copyrighted.  Please do not reproduce in any fashion without the express permission of the author.

  • Pat Halfpenny “Where do patterns come from? or Who said Delaware looked like this?” download
  • Richard Halliday “Copper Engraving: Process Documentation”   download

2015 Annual Meeting – October 15 - 21
Special Tour to England
Loren Zeller has prepared a vibrant summary report of the Special England Meeting and Tour, loaded with wonderful images photographed by Loren and by Larry Bouterie. The event was organized by Loren and Pat Halfpenny. Read the report.  View images.

2014 Meeting -- October 16--19
Mendenhall, Pennsylvania / Winterthur

Fantastic 15th meeting at Winterthur organized by DeeDee Dodd and Karen Beare. Read the meeting report, again prepared by Kurt O’Hare with input from Judie Siddall, David Hoexter, and Loren Zeller. Read the report.

2013 Meeting -- October 17-20
Boston, Massachusetts

Ably assisted by David Hoexter, Loren Zeller, and Judie Siddall, Kurt O'Hare has prepared a lively account -- filled with wonderful images -- of the 14th Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. Read the report.

2012 Meeting -- October 18-21
Seattle, Washington

Meeting Summary

2011 Meeting -- October 20-23
Baltimore, Maryland
Meeting Summary
2011 Annual Meeting Bulletin

October 2010  Meeting:
Durham, New Hampshire

Detailed description
2010 Annual Meeting Bulletin:

October 2009  Meeting: 
Bristol, England

Detailed description

2008  Meeting:  Williamsburg, Virginia
Complete description | Center Spread

2007 Meeting: Hartford, Connecticut
Complete description | Optional day.

2006 Meeting: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Complete description

2005 Meeting: Phoenix, Arizona
Complete description.

2004 Meeting: Sturbridge, Massachusetts
Complete description

2003 Meeting:  Stoke-on-Trent, England
Complete description

2002 Meeting:  Pennsylvania/Winterthur
Complete description

2001 Meeting:  Monterey, California
Complete description

2000 Meeting:  Durham, New Hampshire
Complete description


Regional Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

California Regional MeetingHost a Regional Meeting. Meeting Guidelines.

Past Meetings

  • West Coast Regional Meeting Saturday May 11, 2013. More information.
  • California Regional Gathering Saturday May 21, 2011: More information.  Photos and additional information.
  • Northern California informal regional meeting, June 6-7, 2009. Northern California Regional Meeting:  31 TCC members and guests enjoyed a day of fun, food and transferware at the home of Margie and Kent Williams.

Meeting Guidelines

Regional meetings encourage the study and enjoyment of transferware and help establish a network of friends with similar interests. Collectors are encouraged to host private meetings in their area. 

Organizers of these local/regional meetings are advised of the following TCC guidelines:

  • All funding will be at the host's and/or their invitee's own expense. 
  • Meetings are independent of the Transferware Collectors Club, and the TCC is not and will not be responsible in any way for the conduct, expense, or any legal obligations associated with such events that may arise.
  • These events may not be scheduled during the 3 months prior to the annual TCC meeting. 
  • Organizers are encouraged to inform other members of regional meeting activities by sending meeting reports to the editors of the TCC Bulletin and Web site  
  • Upon request by regional meeting organizers, mailings must be approved and coordinated by a TCC Board Member with the assistance of the club's Membership Chair. Send meeting proposals to president@transcollectorsclub.org






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