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Annual Meetings

Our annual meetings are usually 3-½ days and provide members with the opportunities to:

  • attend lectures by transferware researchers;

  • exchange information on new discoveries;

  • meet the authors of recent publications;

  • visit important collections which are often not open to the general public, often with guided tours by docents or others with specific knowledge of the collections;

  • attend a transferware-exclusive show and sale, probably the most transferware available for purchase, anywhere, at any one time;

  • win exceptional transferware pieces during a Transferware Raffle (Raffle proceeds benefit the TCC Scholarship Program);

  • attend the annual business meeting, with opportunities to learn more about TCC activities and plans, and elect officers;

  • and have a great time in a relaxed atmosphere with fellow transferware enthusiasts.

Our meetings commonly include bus trips to transferware-related sites and collections which otherwise would not be accessible to our members. We usually enjoy a special "optional day" with even more exciting visits to interesting sites and collections. Past meetings are summarized below.

2019 Annual Meeting Birmingham, AL


Transferware Enrichment Programs at the Birmingham Museum of Art

The TCC 2019 Annual Meeting will be richly enhanced by on-site programming at the Birmingham Museum of Art (BMA) on Friday, October 18, and Saturday, October 19, which will include lectures, guided tours, handling sessions, and gallery exploration.

Founded in 1951, the BMA is considered to be one of the finest regional museums in the United States. The striking museum complex encompasses 3.9 acres in the heart of the cultural district. It consists of a three-story museum, with numerous galleries, a state-of-the-art auditorium, and soaring exhibition and event spaces adjoining a 30,000 square foot outdoor sculpture garden. Its holdings include a diverse and extensive collection of fine and decorative arts from many parts of the globe. Of particular interest to TCC members will be BMA's noteworthy ceramics, including the Buten Wedgwood collection, and the Dwight and Lucille Beeson Wedgwood Collection. The extensive Beeson collection, permanently displayed in a custom-designed 2,500-foot gallery, traces the development of Wedgwood pottery from the 1760's to the 1870's. Several of BMA's spacious and well-interpreted galleries highlight the work of other ceramic producers.

On Thursday evening, October 17, Anne Forschler-Tarrasch, PhD, Chief Curator & Marguerite Jones Harbert and John M. Harbert III Curator of Decorative Arts, will be our featured speaker at The Tutwiler Hotel. There she will provide us with an overview of the incredible ceramic collection of the BMA, setting the stage for our museum experience. On Friday, following presentations by noted speakers in BMA's Steiner Auditorium, Dr. Forscler-Tarrasch will conduct small-group vessel handling sessions using specially-selected objects from the BMA collection. Our group will also enjoy private docent-led gallery tours, and a catered lunch in the BMA Eighth Avenue Foyer. Saturday morning programming will also include a series of engaging lectures in the BMA auditorium followed by off-site activities.

The Tutwiler Hotel, our meeting venue, is conveniently located just one block from the museum, enabling attendees to take an easy stroll from the hotel through Linn Park to the BMA to participate in the activities planned for Friday and Saturday and, at their leisure, further explore the many treasures that the BMA has to offer.

Be sure to register before June 15th to take advantage of the special Early Bird discount. Need a registration form?

Download this post as a pdf.




Immediately following an outstanding lecture featuring transferware in the 19th century American South, we will travel a short four miles by bus to the Arlington Antebellum Home and Gardens. This historic home, built by Judge William S. Mudd just prior to the Civil War, was sited prominently on a hill overlooking the county seat of Jefferson County. The two-story frame structure was built c.1845–1850 and features antebellum-era Greek revival architecture. The Arlington was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1970 and is the only existing antebellum home in Birmingham. The house serves as a decorative arts museum featuring a collection of 19th-century furniture, textiles, silver, and paintings. The bucolic property encompasses six acres with several landscaped gardens. The main garden area features a light-filled Garden Room where attendees will enjoy a catered hot lunch followed by docent-led guided tours of the home and self-guided tours of the gardens, grounds and outbuildings.


After a special lunch and tour of the Arlington Antebellum Home and Gardens, meeting attendees will bus to the home of a private collector to view his varied collection of ceramics that includes Historical and Romantic Brown Transferware, Aesthetic Brown Transferware, English White Ironstone, Mulberry Transferware, English Creamware, English Caneware, and a small collection of Southern Primitive Pottery.  We will then return to the historic Tutwiler Hotel for a group dinner and free time to socialize. 

Download information.


Registration Now Open

Birmingham Museum of Art

Join fellow TCC members and friends on October 17-20 in Birmingham Alabama for an exciting exploration of the prolific production of the Wedgwood factory and its competitors, and the innovative and creative 19 c. developments in transfer printing which helped to shape the British ceramic industry.

The Birmingham Museum of Art, with its stellar collection of ceramics, including its world renown collection of works by the Wedgwood factory, will serve as the focal location for lectures, tours, and hands-on activities. The Annual Meeting will include an impressive line up of speakers from the US and the UK, visits to the historic Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens and a noteworthy private collection, and the ever-popular Transferware Raffle, Show and Discuss Session, and Transferware Sale! Register now!

2019 Annual Meeting Spotlight on Speakers

We are pleased to present the following outstanding roster of ceramic experts who will discuss how Britain’s pottery manufacturers gained commercial success both at home and abroad with their pottery and porcelain. From pattern design to transfer printing production, attendees will discover how British transferware became popular in homes throughout Great Britain and on the tables of American presidents and plantation owners, in cottages and in the cabins of the enslaved. Download Speakers Spotlight.

Raffle Donations Requested!

The Transferware Raffle has become an important fund raising activity for the TCC Annual Meeting and it will again be a feature of the meeting in Birmingham. Proceeds are used to support the club’s educational mission. Last year’s raffle in Providence produced more than $1,800! Please help us to meet or exceed that goal for this year by donating items. We seek a variety of beautiful transfer-printed wares, in many different forms, patterns and colors. Each item or group of items should have a retail value of $200 or more and be in very good condition. To make your donation, please contact Frank Davenport at frankdhaddonfield@outlook.com. Download this post as a pdf.

2019 Annual Meeting PayPal Online Payment Form.

Registration Fees

Dealer Transferware Sale Table Rental 6' x 30" table with linens
Click Add to Cart below and indicate table quantity in PayPal.


New TCC Membership


Please fill in and return registration form separately.

California’s Fifth Regional Meeting February 2019

California TCC members met for a delightful afternoon on February 24, 2019. The meeting featured transferware lids and was graciously hosted by Jo Anne Jones. Fifteen members from as far away as San Diego attended. This was the fifth California TCC regional meeting. Additional discussion and images.

Our fifth TCC West Coast Regional Meeting will take place in Moraga (east of Oakland),
California on Sunday, February 24, 2019. The meeting is intended for TCC members in
the Western States, but all are welcome, including guests and anyone who loves
transferware. There will be a charge of $10 per person to cover costs and refreshments. Join us for the fifth California / West Coast TCC regional meeting.  More Information.

Past Meetings

Summary 2018 Annual Meeting in Providence, RI
October 18-21

The 2018 annual meeting in Providence RI featured a day-trip to the Mystic Seaport Museum, the nation's leading maritime history museum and home to many historic wooden vessels and tall ships, including the Charles W. Morgan. The visit included lectures by the Museum Curator Fred Calabretta and TCC Keynote Speaker Dr. Neil Ewins. The group returned to Providence for two more days of informative lectures, activities, and the Sunday Transferware Sale. Read a full report featuring many images from the meeting.

The 2018 Annual Meeting Preview #2 — A Day of Interesting Speakers and Workshops
The importation of British transferware to America is a fascinating topic that will be explored in depth at this year’s TCC Annual Meeting. Our Keynote Speaker will be Dr. Neil Ewins, Senior Lecturer in Design History, University of Sunderland, UK, and author of “Supplying the Present Wants of Our Yan-kee Cousins…”: Staffordshire Ceramics and the American Market 1775-1880. Dr. Ewins has spent decades researching the topic and will present two lectures during the meeting. The second lecture will kick off a day of exciting speakers on Saturday. Download Meeting Preview #2: A Day of Interesting Speakers and Workshops

The 2018 Annual Meeting Preview — A Day at the Mystic Seaport Museum The importation of British transferware to America is a fascinating topic that will be explored in depth at this year’s TCC Annual Meeting. Our Keynote Speaker will be Dr. Neil Ewins, Senior Lecturer in Design History, University of Sunderland, UK, and author of “Supplying the Present Wants of Our Yan-kee Cousins…”: Staffordshire Ceramics and the American Market 1775-1880. Dr. Ewins has spent decades researching the topic and will present two lectures during the meeting. The first lecture will be held at the Mystic Seaport Museum in Connecticut, where we will tour the last 19th century commercial sailing vessel in America, the Charles W. Morgan. Download Meeting Preview #1:  A Day at the Mystic Seaport Museum.

This year’s Annual Meeting will focus on the marketing and exportation of transferware from Great Britain to North America. Our Keynote Speaker Dr. Neil Ewins, Senior Lecturer in Design History, University of Sunderland, UK, and author of Supplying the Present Wants of Our Yankee Cousins: Staffordshire Ceramics and the American Market 1775-1880, will be joined by an impressive line-up of experts presenting a wide variety of topics from maritime decoration on printed wares to Chinese export porcelain and its influence on British transferware. You must register by June 30 to qualify for the Early Bird discounted price. Download brochure and registration.

The Annual Raffle continues to set new records for the funds raised as a result of your outstanding donations and generous ticket purchases. Please consider an item for donation, it should have a retail value of $200 or more, and you will receive a receipt for an IRS charitable deduction.

Send a good picture of the piece, its mark and a brief description to Frank Davenport at frankdhaddonfield@outlook.com

Donors will be acknowledged (if agreeable) at the Annual Meeting, and in the Bulletin and eNews.

Past Meetings:

2017 Annual Meeting

Our 2017 annual meeting, featuring seven lectures, two tours of extraordinary transferware collections, transferware show and sale, and much more, was a roaring success. Photos of the meeting are posted on line, thanks to Larry Bouterie.

Final Meeting Report.

More details.


2016 Annual Meeting Oct 23-26
by Stephanie Hallinan, Carolyn Horlacher, and Betsy Sweeny*

The 17th annual TCC meeting was held in Charlottesville, Virginia, October 23-26 2016. This year’s participants experienced a number of lectures by TCC members, including guest lectures by TCC members who are historical archaeologists working in Central Virginia at the presidential homes of James Madison and Thomas Jefferson. This combination of collectors, dealers, and researchers provided a well rounded conference where everyone was able to learn from one another. The meeting was organized by Leslie Bouterie, ably assisted by her husband, Larry. Download report. Larry has posted amazing photos of the meeting, available here.  
* TCC Annual Meeting Scholarship recipients Archived information.

Featured Presentations from the 2016 Annual Meeting
At the 2016 Annual Meeting held in Charlottesville, Virginia, eight speakers enthusiastically engaged meeting participants with presentations on a variety of transferware topics. Among the speakers were two very popular presenters from the UK, Pat Halfpenny and Richard Halliday. Funding from The Paul and Gladys Richards Charitable Foundation Grants for the Research of British Transferware enabled the Club to provide stipends to these two featured speakers to assist with travel expenses. Pat and Richard provided engrossing presentations which highlighted the talented craftsmen involved in the creation of transfer prints: the artists, designers, and engravers; as well as details about the copperplate printing process. The TCC is pleased to share these two content-rich presentations with all club members and transferware enthusiasts.  Please note:  the Halliday presentation is copyrighted.  Please do not reproduce in any fashion without the express permission of the author.

  • Pat Halfpenny “Where do patterns come from? or Who said Delaware looked like this?” download
  • Richard Halliday “Copper Engraving: Process Documentation”   download

2015 Annual Meeting – October 15 - 21
Special Tour to England
Loren Zeller has prepared a vibrant summary report of the Special England Meeting and Tour, loaded with wonderful images photographed by Loren and by Larry Bouterie. The event was organized by Loren and Pat Halfpenny. Read the report.  View images.

2014 Meeting -- October 16--19
Mendenhall, Pennsylvania / Winterthur

Fantastic 15th meeting at Winterthur organized by DeeDee Dodd and Karen Beare. Read the meeting report, again prepared by Kurt O’Hare with input from Judie Siddall, David Hoexter, and Loren Zeller. Read the report.

2013 Meeting -- October 17-20
Boston, Massachusetts

Ably assisted by David Hoexter, Loren Zeller, and Judie Siddall, Kurt O'Hare has prepared a lively account -- filled with wonderful images -- of the 14th Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts. Read the report.

2012 Meeting -- October 18-21
Seattle, Washington

Meeting Summary

2011 Meeting -- October 20-23
Baltimore, Maryland
Meeting Summary
2011 Annual Meeting Bulletin

October 2010  Meeting:
Durham, New Hampshire

Detailed description
2010 Annual Meeting Bulletin:

October 2009  Meeting: 
Bristol, England

Detailed description

2008  Meeting:  Williamsburg, Virginia
Complete description | Center Spread

2007 Meeting: Hartford, Connecticut
Complete description | Optional day.

2006 Meeting: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Complete description

2005 Meeting: Phoenix, Arizona
Complete description.

2004 Meeting: Sturbridge, Massachusetts
Complete description

2003 Meeting:  Stoke-on-Trent, England
Complete description

2002 Meeting:  Pennsylvania/Winterthur
Complete description

2001 Meeting:  Monterey, California
Complete description

2000 Meeting:  Durham, New Hampshire
Complete description


Regional Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

California Regional MeetingHost a Regional Meeting. Meeting Guidelines.

Past Meetings

  • California’s Fifth Regional Meeting February 2019 More information.
  • West Coast Regional Meeting Saturday May 11, 2013. More information.
  • California Regional Gathering Saturday May 21, 2011: More information.  Photos and additional information.
  • Northern California informal regional meeting, June 6-7, 2009. Northern California Regional Meeting:  31 TCC members and guests enjoyed a day of fun, food and transferware at the home of Margie and Kent Williams.

Meeting Guidelines

Regional meetings encourage the study and enjoyment of transferware and help establish a network of friends with similar interests. Collectors are encouraged to host private meetings in their area. 

Organizers of these local/regional meetings are advised of the following TCC guidelines:

  • All funding will be at the host's and/or their invitee's own expense. 
  • Meetings are independent of the Transferware Collectors Club, and the TCC is not and will not be responsible in any way for the conduct, expense, or any legal obligations associated with such events that may arise.
  • These events may not be scheduled during the 3 months prior to the annual TCC meeting. 
  • Organizers are encouraged to inform other members of regional meeting activities by sending meeting reports to the editors of the TCC Bulletin and Web site  
  • Upon request by regional meeting organizers, mailings must be approved and coordinated by a TCC Board Member with the assistance of the club's Membership Chair. Send meeting proposals to president@transcollectorsclub.org






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