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The Paul and Gladys Richards Foundation Research Grant Program

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2017 TCC Research Grant Recipients

Helen Hallesy, UK
Study Title:  Swansea Commemorative Pottery:  Politics, Reform, Royalty, Wars
Study Abstract:  To publish a book documenting commemorative subjects depicted on Swansea pottery and the source materials from which they were obtained.  The subjects are discussed in chronological order of the events portrayed from the 1780’s to the 1840’s.
Contribution to the field of transferware studies:  This book presents new evidence on the source prints for subjects depicted on commemorative Swansea pottery.  The designs also are viewed in context with extensive background information on each topic.

Loren Zeller, USA; Richard Halliday, UK
Study Title:  The Chinoiserie Invasion:  British Transferware in the Chinese Style 1750-1900
Study Abstract:  To produce and publish a two-part book that presents transfer-printed ceramics in the context of the broader Chinoiserie movement.  It identifies its origins, reveals many sources of inspiration, and demonstrates how the Chinoiserie style evolved over a period of nearly 150 years.  Part I illustrates and analyzes the Early and Transitional Chinoiserie pattern types; Part II provides up to 30 examples for six categories of wares on which the Chinoiserie patterns were printed.
Contribution to the field of transferware studies:  This book broadens knowledge of the Chinoiserie movement by focusing on the importance of this artistic movement in Britain’s flourishing ceramics industry especially as it relates to the production of transfer-printed wares in the 18th and 19th centuries.  The topic is timely and of relevance to a broad audience because the book establishes the historical and esthetic background for understanding and appreciating the Chinoiserie movement in the decorative and ceramic arts.  

2016 TCC Grant Recipient

TCC Announces 2016 Richards Foundation Research Grant Awards

The TCC is pleased to announce the following 2016 recipients of research grants for the study of British transfer-printed ceramics:

Dick Henrywood, UK
Study Title: Transferware Recorder IV – Selected Patterns from Literature
Planned Project Completion Date: December 2017

Bob Houghhton, UK
Study Title: A Guide to Advertising Pot Lids
Planned Project Completion Date: Q1 2017

Bruce Pynn, Canada
Study Title: Canadian Transferware Advertising Pot Lids
Planned Project Completion Date: Fall 2017

Additional information.

Featured Presentations from the 2016 Annual Meeting

At the 2016 Annual Meeting held in Charlottesville, Virginia, eight speakers enthusiastically engaged meeting participants with presentations on a variety of transferware topics. Among the speakers were two very popular presenters from the UK, Pat Halfpenny and Richard Halliday. Funding from The Paul and Gladys Richards Charitable Foundation Grants for the Research of British Transferware enabled the Club to provide stipends to these two featured speakers to assist with travel expenses. Pat and Richard provided engrossing presentations which highlighted the talented craftsmen involved in the creation of transfer prints: the artists, designers, and engravers; as well as details about the copperplate printing process. The TCC is pleased to share these two content-rich presentations with all club members and transferware enthusiasts.  Please note:  the Halliday presentation is copyrighted.  Please do not reproduce in any fashion without the express permission of the author.

Pat Halfpenny, Curator Emerita of Ceramics and Glass at Winterthur Museum and Gardens in Wilmington, DE, author, lecturer, researcher, and scholar, provided a fascinating talk examining transfer-printed designs from conception to manufacture. In a presentation entitled “Where do patterns come from? or Who said Delaware looked like this?” she focused on a group of objects at the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery in Stoke-on-Trent that all have credible provenances linking them to the pattern designer (an independent artist), the pattern engraver (and the independent engraving company he worked for) and the manufacturers for whom the work was done. In the course of her research she discerned how a group of printed plates, hand-written paper labels, a collection of drawings, and tissue pulls provided important clues as to how a pattern was conceived, produced and adapted for production in the period from the late 1820’s to 1860’s.  download pdf

Richard Halliday, noted author, antiques dealer, transferware expert and Spode Museum Trustee, shared the research in which he is currently engaged pursuant to his PhD program in his talk “Copperplate Engraving: Process Documentation”. Scouring the copperplate archives at the Spode factory site, and working in close collaboration with a former Spode engraver, Richard has been examining, photographing, and documenting the engraving process. This process, while known, had never been fully documented from start to finish. In this presentation, all stages of the process are shown, carefully detailed, and clearly explained: from visiting the coppersmith to buy a sheet of copper to the finished transferware. download pdf

2015 TCC Grant Recipient

Richard Halliday, Market Harborough, UK
Study Title:
Transferware Medical and Toilet Wares 1780-1850
Study Abstract: To produce a book that deals specifically and comprehensively with medical and toilet wares. The book will: allow for comparison of factories and how the development of the wares changed over time; be divided into shape-specific sections that will include, when available, shape book images, source images, and non-transferware pieces for comparison; and will include the extent to which the wares were exported. Submission of images will be requested from collectors to get them interested and involved.
Contributions to the field of transferware studies: The study will: bring all medical and toilet ware information together in one work; allow cross-promotion of transferware and other non-transferware areas of interest and collecting, for example, wares made from metal, wood, and other ceramics; bring the community of transferware enthusiasts together through inviting submissions; and, most importantly, share knowledge, ideas, research, and promote transferware to a wide audience.
Completion Date: December 2017 Download PDF (members only) or Purchase hard copy

2014 TCC Grant Recipients

Daniel Schavelzon, Ph.D., Buenos Aires, Argentina
Study Title:  Transferware images of Latin America made by British factories (1850-1900):  the case of Argentina
Study Abstract:  To publish a paper and book of transferware images of Latin America specific to Argentina made by British factories.  Research will include identification of patterns, makers, and source prints and will attempt to determine why the patterns were chosen. 
Contribution to the field of transferware studies:  The study will contribute to the knowledge of British transferware in the previously unstudied area of Latin American images.
Download the Article.

John Simpson, West Sussex, England, UK
Study Title:  Earthenware of H & R Daniel 1822 - 1854
Study Abstract:  To publish a not-for-profit book on the earthenware of H & R Daniel, with Bryan Beardmore as co-author.  The work will include transfer-printed earthenware and establish which patterns can safely be attributed to Daniel. 
Contribution to the field of transferware studies:  The availability of a comprehensive and extensively illustrated work will help raise awareness of H & R Daniel as an important manufacturer of transferware and facilitate attributions in the future. Link to book.

2013 Grant Recipients and Projects

Richard Henrywood, Devon, UK
The Transferware Recorder No. 1: Selected British Views; to support the cost of printing 400 copies. For information about ordering, please email.

Paul and Kath Holdway, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, UK
Pottery Processes used at the Spode Factory; digitize 2,300 historically important slides and black and white negatives showing the pottery processes used at the Spode factory.

Allen Chace Miller, Jr., Hudson, New York
A Blue Lined Dining Set (British Views); to identify the shards and maker of a 145 piece dinner service set purchased by George Clarke (1777 -1835), builder of Hyde Hall, from George Dummer, a New York and Albany importer and retailer.

2013 Annual Meeting Research and Presentations

Pam Woolliscroft
Provided two lectures on Spode. View text and images of one of her lectures --"Pots of Orchids: the Spode Bateman Connection."

2012 Grant Recipients and Projects

Richard Halliday
"The Italian Pattern: The story of an iconic 19th Century transferware design"
To perform a comprehensive study exploring the introduction of Spode’s famous Italian pattern. The study included exploring how the pattern was produced and/or copied by many other potters in the early nineteenth century and explaining how this was allowed in the period prior to the copyright act; and cataloging the different potters producing the pattern and showing the variation in their approach, including shapes, colors, quality of wares, etc. The core of the work was photographing and cataloging the Andrew and Adrienne Richards collection of the Italian pattern and organizing and expanding Andrew’s research of the pattern where needed, including adding special pieces of the pattern accessible in museums and/or private collections. View completed project. Purchase the book via Lulu.com.


2011 Annual Meeting Research and Presentations

Dick Henrywood
Provided two lectures incorporating new research to the 2011 Baltimore Annual Meeting.  View detailed summary of  The Mysterious Mr. Marshall, Plagiarist Extraordinaire.

Jonathan Gray
Summarized his two 2011 Baltimore Annual Meeting presentations and Richards Foundation grant research. Download Swansea's Printed Wares: A Reassessment

Pat Halfpenny
Developed content for an online exhibition of British transferware decorated with American themes. View completed project.

2010 Grant Recipients and Projects

Graeme Cruickshank
Develop an overview of the "Importance of Transferware in the Ceramic Output of European Potteries for the South-East Asian Market." (Article temporarily withdrawn for revision.)

Richard Halliday
Develop a "Catalog of the Greeves Collection of Transfer-Printed Pickle Dishes and Milseys with a Social and Historical Commentary."

In this excellent 202-page publication, Richard documents the outstanding and one-of-a-kind collection of the late Robin Greeves and provides an interesting social and historical perspective for these two often misunderstood forms of transfer-printed Staffordshire pottery. Richard's study includes a discussion of the role of "pickles" on 18th and 19th century English tables, a review of how pickle dishes and milseys were used, and a comprehensive and well-organized catalog of patterns and shapes. Following the cataloging this unique collection for Richard's research project, the collection was sold in lots at auction. The project includes literally hundreds of quality images of these two unusual forms which are skillfully organized by shapes and patterns. This is a document you will surely want to add to your library.

Now available for purchase in hardcover.
Download pdf free of charge.
Note: this is a very large document; please allow ample time for download.

2008-2009 Grant Recipients and Projects

Laura Johnson/Winterthur
Develop content for an online exhibition of Spode transferware designed to advance the education and awareness of Spode transferware and to reach a broad internet audience of collectors, researchers, students and historians of the British Pottery Industry.  View Completed Project

Pete Christmas
Introduce some certainty in the attributions for the ambiguous marks found on filled-in transfer Chinoiserie patterns on pearlware made in the 1820's.
View completed project
View Completed Project

Wendy Erich 
Research Ben Franklin's claim in correspondence to a friend in 1773 that he had invented the transferware process 20 years earlier and publish findings.
View Completed Project

Dick Henrywood:  
Develop/update and publish a comprehensive catalog of all known transfer-printed views of localities in the British Isles. For information about ordering, please email.





Thanks to committee members Pat Halfpenny, Jackie Overman, Wes Palmer, Michael Weinberg, and past member Dick Wagner, for their substantial efforts.

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