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The Illustrated Encyclopedia of British Willow Ware
by Connie Rogers
published by Schiffer: Atglen, PA 19310; 2004. 392 pages, 1200 color photos. About $50. Amazon

The Illustrated Encyclopedia of British Willow WareThe origin of the Willow Pattern is traced carefully. References to statements by Dr. Geoffrey Godden, Geoffrey Priestman and Robert Copeland add authority to Connie’s account which adds new information on a recently found Chinese export porcelain plate that has a very close resemblance to the Standard Willow Pattern design. The name “willow pattern” has been rather loosely used over the years. Connie distinguishes between the various different designs – Standard Willow, Mandarin, Two Temples I & II, Booth’s Real Old Willow, Canton and several others. There is a Table of Manufacturers which links the type of patterns and colors to each maker.

There is a section listing retailers and importers with special backstamps (marks), and another dealing with wares with unattributed marks. An Index of Potters’ Initials on Marks identifies the company using the initials. The book also includes a Glossary of Terms, Shape Index and a schedule of different pattern names for Willow patterns used by the manufacturers and/or researchers as well as a comprehensive bibliography.

The major part of the book is the catalog of over 400 manufacturers with marks, photos, reprints of ads from “The Pottery Gazette,” brief histories and type of willow made. This will be of great value not only to collectors of the Willow Pattern, but to all collectors, dealers and students of British ceramics. It is a treasure house of information and an indispensable book of reference.

“Of all the books on the Willow Pattern, Connie Rogers’
Illustrated Encyclopedia of British Willow Ware is destined to be the THE definitive work.” -- Robert Copeland, January, 2004

Adams Ceramics by Dick and Judy Wagner
TCC members Dick and Judy Wagner have issued two corrections/ revisions pertaining to their book Adams Ceramics. Both are available for download.

Adams - Short List Corrections
Adams - Corrections/ Revisions

Spode Greek by Nicholas Moore
Spode Greek is a new one hundred and seventy page soft-back publication by Nicholas Moore. It will serve as an invaluable reference work for Greek pattern collectors, historians and transferware enthusiasts alike. The author has been collecting Spode transfer printed pottery for over thirty years and during that period, developed a major interest in Spode’s Greek patterns. The past eight years has seen Nicholas research every aspect, including historical contexts, of this extremely striking pattern. The book is fully illustrated with over two hundred and fifty full-colour illustrations along with nearly fifty black and white source print images. Not only does the book cover the whole pottery side of the Greek pattern, it also majors on the diverse and rich history behind these patterns which goes back nearly 2500 years. The book is laid out in a very careful way that shows each pattern alongside the relevant source material and/or any corresponding elements from the Spode manufacturing process. There is also a section that depicts some of the diverse shapes that Spode produced which were decorated with the Greek pattern. In addition to illustrations of the pottery, the work also affords the reader the rare opportunity to see the original copper plates from the Spode Museum Trust. This one hundred and seventy page book will inform and thrill in equal quantities and will reaffirm the delight that is collecting blue and white transferware. 

Postage cost in the UK - £4.50, Rest of the World - £9.50

Condition: Brand New
Size: 9.75" x 7.5"
To order, go to: http://www.bluetransferware.com/antiques/329/New-Publication-Spode-Greek-

 Success to America: Creamware for the American Market 
by S. Robert Teitelman, Patricia A. Halfpenny, and Ronald W. Fuchs II, with essays by Wendell D. Garrett and Robin Emmerson.
Book coverLife in the early days of the young republic was still very much tied to England and its resources. All those who could afford to do so ordered their creamware sets of dishes and goods from English potters, who were only too happy to produce and decorate the requested images that memorialized Revolutionary War heroes, newly elected presidents, maritime merchants, and patriotic sentiments. One of the largest collection of such creamware items was amassed by the late S. Robert Teitelman. This publication highlights 50 of the pieces in the S. Robert Teitelman Collection at Winterthur as well as an additional 25 pieces and decorative arts objects from Winterthur collection. Enhanced by essays that address life in the young republic, the Liverpool pottery industry, and the Atlantic maritime trade, the volume features some of the finest examples of the period.
hardcover, 304 pages; 750 color illustrations
Amazon | Winterthur Museum Book Store

India on Transferware: A Compendium of Indian Scenes on Transferware Together with Their Source Prints
by Michael Sack
Every known scene of India on transferware is included in one book, together with photos (where available) of both the patterns and the source prints from which they were derived. Each pattern and its source prints (sometimes there are as many as five) are shown side by side so that they can easily be compared.
Learn more: PDF Description | Website

American Historical English Pink: American Views on English Transferware
by Margie Williams
In addition to recording not only the potter and his pottery but the known forms and colors, she also provides a glimpse into the historical significance of every magical motif.
102 pages 8.5 by 11 inches Spiral binding $25.00

Collecting English Pink Appreciating, Understanding and Gathering English Transferware
by Margie Williams
Looks at the myriad types, sets and pieces of ware, focusing on transfer-printed wares in pink. Takes an in-depth gaze at attributing and dating transferware, moves through collecting tips, explores the ware’s enormous range and its usage and ends with a glance at the English pottery industry. 160 pages 9 by 12 inches Perfect binding $45.00

The Charm of English Pink: The Pots
by Margie Williams
This is an in-depth exploration of a portion of the many, many pots as well as the individual patterns produced in pink. Over 300 unique patterns are illustrated and historically explored in detail, including a glimpse at English transferware’s mysteries − both solved and unsolved. 414 pages, 9 by 12 inches, Perfect binding $65.00

Order all three or individual "Pink" books directly from Margie Williams. $7 shipping for non-Transferware members, free for Transferware members. (Learn about membership.) Send your check and order to: Margie Williams, 1835 Oak Terrace, Newcastle, CA 95658 OR visit her website and find links to order directly from Amazon.

Copeland Book Cover Manufacturing Processes of Tableware during the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries, by Robert Copeland is a lavishly illustrated, full colour, 186 page book. It displays the vast experience and knowledge the author has of the manufacturing processes of bone china and earthenware tableware, mainly as carried out in the Spode works; these were typical of the methods used throughout the pottery industry and should be of interest to all people involved with pottery and porcelain, whether as collectors, customers or dealers.

To order Robert Copeland’s new book, send a PayPal payment in British Pounds of £35 (price includes £25 for the book plus £10 for international shipping and handling abroad) to:  publications@northernceramicsociety.org . 
Be sure to state on the PayPal form that payment is for the Copeland book and to include your shipping address.
British residents may order the book on the NCS web site: Use the following URL:   http://northernceramicsociety.org/PublicationList.htm
Please note that only 500 copies are available.

Adams Ceramics: Staffordshire Potters and Pots, 1779-1998
Bookcoverby Furniss, Wagner and Wagner
By studying primary source material, the authors have compiled the most authentic and readable record of the prolific Adams ceramic wares from England, including earthenware, bone china, jasper, stoneware, basalt, and Parian made over a 200 year period. Order from Amazon

The Blue China Book (1916, Ada Walker Camehl)
(From Google Books apparently still under copyright; need to purchase).

The Glasgow Pottery of John and Matthew Perston Bell, China and Earthenware Manufacturers in Glasgow
by Henry E. Kelly'

Ordering Information: Available for free at: http://www.bellsglasgowpottery.com
Numerous transferware references.

The Herculaneum Pottery: Liverpool's Forgotten Glory,
Bookcoverby Peter Hyland
The emergence of Herculaneum pottery in early nineteenth-century Liverpool marked a pivotal moment in the clay arts. This book provides a comprehensive history of Herculaneum pottery—highly sought after in North America—and its rapid rise to international prominence.
Order from Amazon

People & Pots
by Terence A. Lockett
BookcoverTerry Lockett, the founder Chairman and a former President of the Northern Ceramic Society, is a freelance lecturer and writer who gave many talks over the past 40 or more years that involved a good deal of research, but were given just once and never recorded. This book is a compilation of material that reveals much about Terry’s life and also the societies and institutions with which he has been associated in the past 50 years.

Ordering Information:
Sole Distributor is Reference Works Ltd. Price: 19.90 GBP plus shipping; Email:

Spode & Copeland: 
Over Two Hundred Years of Fine China and Porcelain

Bookcover(With Price Guide),
by Steven Smith.
A Schiffer Book for Collectors. Over 440 vivid color images display the wide range of ceramics produced by the English pottery firm, established by Josiah Spode in the 1760s and continuing today. From historic blue and white transfer printed wares of the early 1800s to popular dinnerware patterns of the 1900s, this book includes sprig decorated wares, delicate bone china table and tea sets, graceful figurines, and sturdy stoneware candlesticks and loving cups. Order from Amazon

BookcoverSpode Transfer Printed Ware 1784-1833
by Drakard and Holdway
Spode Transfer Printed Ware , first published in 1983, has now been extensively enlarged and revised, listing and illustrating every known transfer print issued by the Spode family at their Works in Stoke-on-Trent. More than 100 additional prints have been discovered since 1983.
Order from Amazon

Staffordshire Romantic Transfer Patterns Staffordshire Romantic Transfer Patterns
by Petra Williams
All three volumes available at 50% discount

Staffordshire- vol. 1- has 536 patterns, Staffordshire- vol. 2- has 394 patterns, and Staffordshire- vol.-3 has 130 patterns (1060 patterns total). Serious collectors should have all three volumes to get the full benefit of Petra Williams knowledge and great research of transferware.
More details...

Swansea's Cambrian Pottery Transferware II
Patterns and Borders
by Arleen and Grahame Tanner
BookcoverThis book has 220 pages with over 90 patterns and 420 color illustrations including Chinoiserie, Rural, Commemorative, Transitional, Sheet and previously unattributed. The “Table of Contents” titled PATTERNS IN ORDER OF APPEARANCE makes the book easy to use as a reference. Also helpful are the Alphabetical List of patterns and the Alphabetical Index to Patterns with Relevant Marks (with a selection from Book 1).

Ordering Information:
Price: 28 GBP plus shipping.

E-Books (PDFs)

China Collecting in America (1892, Alice Morse Earle); 12.1 MB PDF Download from Google Books

The Old China Book (1903, N. Hudson Moore); 46 MB PDF download from Internet Archive Universal Library http://www.archive.org/details/oldchinabook013639mbp.
Reviewed in the Autumn 2003 TCC Bulletin.

Anglo American Pottery, Old English China with American Views (1901, Edwin Atlee Barber); 4.5 MB PDF Download from Google Books



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