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2019 Number 3
Bill Kurau – A Remembrance Michael Weinberg
One view, two artists, eight patterns
Book Review: Chinoiserie: Printed British
Ceramics in the Chinese style 1750 – 1900
Inside a Pattern
Odessa...Where in the World
A New Series of British Views
In Touch with the Past
Interview with TCC Member: Rich Crouch

2019 Number 2
A Chinese of Rank and a Marked Example
Malayan Longhouse – An Attribution
Blue and White Ceramics: An Enduring Global Obsession
Three Phases of Transferware Repair
Book Review: Historical Guide to Advertising Pot Lids
Book Review: Canadian Advertising Pot Lids
Transferware and locality

The Moore Legacy at Krannert Museum of Art
Interview with TCC member: Ian Harvey

2019 Number 1
Spring Message from the TCC President Scott Hanson
What is in a Name? Ceramics as an Advertising Medium
Super Bowls
British Transferware in Indonesia 1800-1915
Source Prints and Fortuity
Interview with TCC Member: LEN KLING

2018 Number 2
Musketeer Pattern Follow-Up
A New John Hall & Sons Discovery
Digging Deeper: A New Look at Transferware
Anatomy of Tiles
Transferware Recorder #4

2018 Number 1
Japan Dreams of Egypt
British Birds Series
Transferware from a British Perspective
Another Commemorative
2017 Annual Meeting Raffle Results
Passing the Torch

2017 Number 2
Database News
Stephen Hawkins Patented Bourdaloue &
The Mysterious Mr. Wiss.
Ceramics from the Sailing Packet Aurora
Nineteenth Century Ceramics at Whitten House
Transferware from a British Perspective:
How to Pack Pottery
Chinese Influence On British Ceramics

2017 Number 1
A Serendipity Source Print
TCC’s Database of Patterns and Sources: Hours of Fun!!
“Blue Willow”: Apples or Oranges?
“Game Keeper”: Thoughts and Observations
Shakespeare, Tintern Abbey and the Guillotine: A Swansea Pottery Triology
The “Mander & Weaver” Pill Tile
Transferware from a British Perspective
Vomit Pot

2016 Number 2
2016 Richards Foundation Research Grant Awards
An Overview of the 2016 TCC Annual Meeting
‘An Australian Bush Scene’
Spode’s Blue Room: History, Repatriation and Restoration
Transferware from a British Perspective
Transferware at San Francisco International Airport

2016 Number 1
Geoffrey Godden: A Remembrance
Transferware Collectors Club 2016 Annual Meeting
Copper Plate Re-use at Spode
Transferware in New York’s “North Country:” The Alice T. Miner Museum
“Boy with Whip:” Re-Examining a
Well-Known Chinoiserie Pattern
The Sailing Packet Josephine Willis
Transferware from a British Perspective
“Durham Ox” Ladle

2015 Number 4
Parrot Border
Let Us Not Forget
Right on Target: A Transferware Discovery at President Madison’s Home
Which University?
Oriental Birds – Just Another Fantasy
Transferware from a British Perspective
A Simple Primer on Methods of Printing on Ceramics
General Grant in New Hampshire
Nihil sub Sole Novum, or Dennis, Did You Ever Wonder What Happened to Your Jug?

2015 Number 3
Undocumented Views in Wood’s French Series
Coal Spillings
Two Wedgwood Views of Vesuvius: A Discovery(?) and a Relocation
The ABCs of Alphabet Wares
Transferware from a British Perspective
“We’re Dreaming of a Blue Christmas”
My search for British History Source Prints Before and After the Internet
Transferware Collectors in Review
Beyond Teapots…Transferware Candlesticks

2015 Number 2
Multi-color printing on ceramics – its earlier than you think
‘New’ Spode Pattern
Transferware Collectors in Review
Transferware from a British Perspective
16 TONS and all that!
Return to Bikaner

2015 Number 1
2015 Annual Meeting& Special Tour in England
Davenport’s ‘Montreal’ Pattern – A First & Second State?
The Transferware Floor of the Mosque of the Moslem Soldiers of the British Army
Five Varients of “Montmorenci Fall near Quebec”
Why More Adams Ceramics Isn’t
Transferware Collectors in Review
Spam, The Internet, Gutta Percha Enamel, and Transferware
Transferware from a British Perspective

2014 Number 3
Lady Godiva and Peeping Tom
Something Borrowed...
The Transferware Recorder Images Wanted
More on the Ship Tavern, Water Lane
Advertising Plate
Transferware Collectors in Review
Who Made the Pan
Transferware from a British Perspective

2014 Number 2
Transfer-Printed Victorian Tiles
Transferware in Exotic Lands: An Unanticipated Joy of International Travel
The Chief Brigand Series
Transferware from a British Perspective
Unrecorded “Nuneham Courtenay” View
Beyond Teapots

2014 Number 1
Eskimos and Huskies: An Arctic Mug
The Glamorgan Pottery Bicentenary
John Meir Pineapple Border Series Footbath
Exhibition Extra
Fanny Kemble: The Actress becomes an Abolitionist
Beauties of England and Wales Source Print

2013 Number 3
Friends of Blue
Big Brother in a Family of Cups
Commemorating the B&O Railroad in Baltimore
Slightly More of a Good Thing:
Spode’s “Rhine” Pattern
Transferware from a British Perspective
The Mount Pleasant Classical Academy
Save The Date: The 15th Annual TCC Meeting
The Transferware Recorder

2013 Number 2
Inappropriate Patterns for Children, A Sequel
Elephant Tracks: Elephants on Transfer-Printed Wares c. 1790-1850
2013 TCC Raffle Fund Raiser
“Nuneham Courtenay” (“Wild Rose”) Exhibition
Transferware from a British Perspective
Recent Discovery

2013 Number 1
Fundraising Raffle to Be Held Again in Boston
Henrywood’s Highlights: Transferware from a British Perspective
Beyond Teapots: A Bank and a Medical Slab
The Ceramic Spoils of War: A Catalog of Captured Goods
Staffordshire Pottery on the Gulf Coast
Annual Meeting, Wakefield, MA
“India Vase” by Hicks, Meight & Johnson
Too Much of a Good Thing

2012 Number 3
Sample Plate “Contest”
Inappropriate Patterns for Children
Henrywood’s Highlights: Transferware from a British Perspective
A Cigarette Box with a Personal Touch
The Timeless Teahouse Patterns
Wanted: Images of British Views
Friends of Blue Annual Meeting

2012 Number 2
Transferware Calendar for 2013
Transfer Printed Cow Cream jugs
The Other Dark Blue
Confederate Navy Ironstone
Henrywood’s Highlights: Transferware from a British Perspective
Book Review: Extraordinary British Transferware: 1780-1840

2012 Number 1
Mayer’s “Arms of New Hampshire”
The Woman on the Border of the Plate
From Eastern Port to Eastern Garden Scene - the long way around!
TCC Annual Raffle
Dating Dark Blue American Themed Prints on Pottery
The Plates of the Year
“Grazing Rabbits”
Henrywood’s Highlights

2011 Annual Meeting
TCC Annual Meeting Speakers
TCC’s Annual Show & Sale
Weekend in Photos

2011 Fall
The Arms of New Hampshire: Transferware’s Unicorn!
Ceramics from CSS Alabama
“Beemaster” - The Latest Buzz:
An Attribution to Hicks & Meigh
Transferware from a British Perspective
Don’t Toss That Plate
Period Gentleman and Shepherdess

2011 Summer
Letters to the Editor
Beyond Teapots...Mystery Item
Update: On the Trail of Two Rams
Up, Up and Away...in My Transferware Balloon
Minton Tile in the U.S. Capitol
Transferware Raffle
Pekin Japan - a Pattern with a Long Run
Follow-up: Possible “Beemaster” attribution?
Henrywood’s Highlights: Transferware from a British Perspective
Friends of Blue Meeting and Lecture

2011 Winter/Spring
Pickle Sets
Transferware from a British Perspective
Animal ABCs
Tiny Claws: A Staffordshire Pattern in Somerset, Ohio
On the Trail of Two Rams
A Brief History of Printed Tiles

2010 Annual Meeting Issue (letter-size format)
2010 Annual Meeting Issue (11" by 17" tabloid size booklet format)
(Excerpted Issue Free for Non-members)
The Distinguished Speakers...
David Hoexter and Julie Siddall
Rebecca Davis
Sandra Rux
Laura Sprague
Louise Richardson
Excursion to Portsmouth, NH
TCC 2010 Annual Business Meeting Minutes
Show & Sale Photo Collage

Fall 2010
The More Things Change...
The Friends of Blue, 2010
Gold Rush Mug
White Ironstone China Association Meeting
Henrywood's Highlights: Transferware from a British Perspective
Josiah Wedgwood and the Antislavery Movement
Spode Exhibition Online
The Great New York City Fire of 1835
Roger Tory Peterson of the TCC
The Way of Transgressors

Spring/Summer 2010
Beyond Teapots: Rare Transferware Food or Jelly Mould
British History by the Jug
Eagle, Turkey Vulture or Falcon?
Success to America, Creamware for the American Market
Scope of the TCC
Falling in Love with the Cupid Series
Possible Beemaster Attribution?
Regional Meeting
Transferware from a British Perspective, Part XI
Generosity Unbound
1820s Pearlware Filled-in Transfers: Patterns and Attributions

Winter 2010
Henry Clay, Star of the West, Part I
Antonio Canova and his Influence on British Potters
Tams, Anderson & Tams, A Mystery Solved
In Memoriam: Dr. Minnie Holdaway
Untitled View on Shell Border Tureen Identified
Henrywood Highlight's: Transferware from a British Perspective

2009 Annual Meeting Issue
The Lectures, The Business Minutes of the TCC, General Meeting, The Activities, Show & Sale

Fall/Summer 2009
Fishing with My Lady of the Manor by John Rhodes
Albany Transmogrified: 10" Platter with a Washbowl Transfer by Michael Weinberg
Some Thoughts Regarding a Rare Staffordshire Relief Molded, Blue Transfer-Printed and Enamel-Decorated Thread Caddy by Rebecca J. Davis
Virginia Church Secret Unraveled by Wes Palmer and Jan Baker Henrywood's Highlights: Transferware from a British Perspective by Dick Henrywood
Friends of Blue Meeting, June 2009, Submitted by Sue Wagstaff

Spring 2009
The Bony Mug by Royce E. Walters
The Napoleon Series by Charles James Mason by Len King
States Border Series—Another British View by Dick Henrywood
California the Site of the First TCC Regional Meeting in the US by David Hoexter and Margie Williams
In Memoriam
The Missouri Yields a Ceramic Treasure Trove: The Cargo of the Great White Arabia by Suzanne Nolan
Henrywood's Highlights: Transferware from a British Perspective by Dick Henrywood
Beyond Teapots...Lime Pot by Sue Wagstaff

Winter 2009
Transferware from a British Perspective, Part VII by Dick Henrywood
Time to Think Outside the Biscuit... By Michael Weinberg
Travels with Clara: From the Plains of Assam India to the Copperplates of Staffordshire by Michael Weinberg
Texian Campaigne: Pattern Numbers and Descriptions by Connie Rogers, Wes Palmer and Andrew Pey
Edward and George Phillips' Pottery at Longport by Louise Richardson
Celebrate TCC's 10th Anniversary in England!

2008 Annual Meeting Issue
The Lectures, The Business Minutes of the TCC, General Meeting, The Activities, Show & Sale, TCC 2008 Donor Honor Roll
Center Spread

Summer 2008
PHOTO GALLERY: Scriptural Series “Revelation” by Michael Weinberg
Attribution of the ‘IH’ Mark by Roger Pomfret
A New British View - Cobham Hall in Kent by Dick Henrywood
More About Public Houses on Transferware by Loren Zeller
Texian Campaigne by Wes Palmer, Andrew Pye and Connie Rogers
Texian Campaigne: Letter to the Editor - The Mystique Unraveled by Lucille Gaignault
Transferware from a British Perspective, Part VI by Dick Henrywood
Source Prints are NOT Just for Dishes by Michael Weinberg
Beyond Teapots by Michael Weinberg

Spring 2008
E. Wood & Sons’ Interchanging Border Phenomenon, Margie Williams
The London Tavern By Gillian & Terry Neale-Sheppard
A Da Vinci Code for Railroad Transfers, Joseph-Jean Paques
Photo Gallery
Transferware Collectors Club Ninth Annual Meeting
In Memoriam
Transferware from a British Perspective, Part IV, Dick Henrywood
Tricks for Searching the Database, Connie Rogers

Winter 2008
A New Attribution, Judie Siddall
Erie Canal: BOTH Ends Now!, Michael Weinberg
2007 TCC Annual Meeting Report, by Jackie Overman
Thursday, 18th October, Optional Day Activities, Sue Wagstaff
Transferware from a British Perspective, Part V, Dick Henrywood
Public Houses and Their Place on Blue Printed Transferware, Loren Zeller
Rare Richard Jordan Platter Sighted at the Hagley Museum, Dan and Randy Boyer
Corn Chowder Recipe

Summer/Fall 2007
Transferware Serendipity, Judie Siddall & David Hoexter
Letters to the Editor
Taking the Cupid for a Ride, Michael Weinberg
Transferware from a British Perspective, Dick Henrywood
Who’s Been Eating Off my Dinnerware?, Michael Weinberg
26 Medallions for Us to See
On the Trail of Jedburgh Abbey & Its Source Prints, Linda Hewitt
Database of Patterns & Index of Bulletins, Connie Rogers
Friends of Blue Meeting: New Project, Old Friends, Sue Wagner

Spring 2007
Old Dame Trot and Her Cat, Judie Siddall
Beyond Teapots, Michael Weinberg
Mother Lode Treasure, Margie Williams
Transferware from a British Perspective, Dick Henrywood
Exotic Animal Find, Michael Weinberg
"Other" Willow Patterns, Connie Rogers
Transferware from the British Perspective, Dick Henrywood
Michael Sack's Latest Discoveries, Michael Sack

Winter 2007
Vevay, A Problem Solved, Dick Henrywood
New Form or Different View, Michael Weinberg
Highlights from TCC 2006 Annual Meeting, Jackie Overman
Mason's Views of Cambridge, Len Kling
Marden’s Eagles, Dick Marden
The Sizing Discussion – Part III, Connie Rogers
Transferware from the British Perspective, Dick Henrywood
Beyond Teapots, Michael Weinberg

Autumn 2006
Beyond Teapots
David Wilkie's 'Rabbit on the Wall,' Davida Shipkowitz
TCC Annual Meeting, Philadelphia 2006
Medallion Portrait Platters, Ted Gallagher
The Sizing Discussion, Part II, Lucille Gaignault
Brimfield Big Fish Tales, Michael Weinberg
Berks County Historical Society’s Treasures, Jane Dieme

Summer 2006
Beyond Teapots
Book Review, Connie Rogers
Holy Grail and More Print Research, Michael Sack
Giraffomania?, Nancy Barshter
Suggested Standards for Measuring Transferware, Randy Boyer
Shannondale Springs, Virginia, Judy Siddall
Transferware on the Prairie, Royce Waters
TCC 2006 Annual Conference Update

Spring 2006
Mystery Pattern
Stevenson’s Palestine and Clews Unnamed Plate Dick & Judy Wagner, with Michael Sack
Other Scenes at Philadelphia, Davida and Irv Shipkowitz
Is it or Isn’t it?, Michael Weinberg
Transferware from the Markets of India, Julie Bailey
Imperial Park at Gehol, Michael Sack
A Blue Willow Tureen with a History, Michael Weinberg
Beyond Teapots

Winter 2005
Ridgway: Oxford & Cambridge College Series by Drian Kentish & Peter Scott
Finsbury Chapel Found and a Claremont House Note by Terry Sheppard
Join the T.C.C. and See America by Frank & Sue Wagstaff
Mount Bellow - A New Wood Grapevine Border View by DIck Henrywood
Frank Beardmore: A Potter's Tale Review by Dick Henrywoods
Unusual Enoch Wood Teapot by Dick Marden
Francis J. Morley's Canadian Lake Series by Joseph H. Spence
Fair Lawn Revisited by Terry Sheppard
Identifying Transferware in the Autumn 2005 Bulletin by Ellen Hill

Autumn 2005
The Marine Pattern
—Riley & Jackson by Roger Pomfret & Michael Sack
Mysteries in My Collection from Dee Dee Dodd
Travelogue: Sightings of “Old Blue” Staffordshire by Ted Gallagher
Shipwrecks and Transferware by Jennifer McKinnon
Transferware Database Project Update by Connie Rogers

Summer 2005
Expanding the Mystery by Margie Williams, Searching for Finsbury Chapel by Nick Routson, Mostly Whodunit Questions by Lucille Gaignault, Members Potpourri from the Gestlers and Sara Sampson, Shipwreck Update and Adams Discovery by Stanley Zagleski III, Park Theatre and More by Seymour Jurow, Transferware Database Project Update by Connie Rogers, General Editor , From Our Collection by Murray Weisberg & Mark Armstrong

Spring 2005
Transferware and North America: Some Observations by Royce E. Walters, Color Photographs - Contributions on the color photo pages come from Kim Ratatori, Robert Wilson, Terry Sheppard, Michael Weinberg, Murray Weisberg & Mark Armstrong, Blue and White Palace in India by Sue Wagstaff,
It’s Time to Think about the Future by Peter Bevacqua, In Memory of Arnold Kowalsky by Murray Weisberg, Importers Not Listed in Kowalsky by Connie Rogers, Clews Thornton Abbey & Mr. J. Greenfield by Terry Sheppard

Winter 2004
A Report by Jackie Overman, Color Photographs, Two Transferware Mystery Plates from Royce Walters, Email from England, The Confusing Turkish Castle Pattern by Terry Sheppard, New Transferware Juxtaposition by Michael Sack, TCC Transferware Database Project Update, Request for Help on Haviland China’s “Moss Rose” pattern

Autumn 2004
Brownfield’s Kangaroo Transfer “Sylvan” by Vivienne S. Manber, Another Spode Willow Inquiry by Richard Grove, Unnamed Italian Scenery, A Black & White Mystery Jug by Judie Siddall, Letters & More Letters, Color Photographs, Gilead House, Lancashire by Lucille Gaignault with Terry Sheppard, Mirror Image (Almost) Saucers by Lucille Gaignault, Help Wanted on Three Pieces by Dorothy Friedman, Thomas Holloway of Ointment Fame from Terry Sheppard

Summer 2004
Engraved Copper Plate Discovered by Loren Zeller, Color Photographs, Transferware Mysteries, Updates—New Information by Barklage & Henrywood, Did You Know?, Transferware Database, Bulletin Observations by Lucille Gaignault

Spring 2004
The Psychometry of Tucker China: An Appraisal by Michael Berthoud, An Erie Canal Tankard by Joyce Pennacchio, Cadiz Puerto Franco 1829 Platter by Judie Siddall
Willow Book Review
by Robert Copeland, Color Photographs, Transferware Challenges, A Medley by Michael Sack, Contrasting Sizes: Two Items by Gene Fleischer, Two Requests for Help, Arnold Bennett: For Those Who Want to Know More About the Potteries by Royce E. Walters

Winter 2003 - Report: Fourth Annual TCC Meeting Stoke-on-Trent, England, Transferware Photos, Articles: Mystery Solved!, Fulton's Steamboat of the Hudson, Collecting Flakes, Chips & Cracks, Unexpected Finds at the TCC Show and Sale, New Publication: Ceramics in America 2003

Autumn 2003 - Articles: Eagle Cup Plate, Staying on Top of Things, A Rare Soapdish, Observations & a New Reindeer Pattern, Cromford Revisited, Pots in Color, The Old China Book in 2003, Adams Cup Plates, Damaged Pottery: Henrywood & Kurau Opinions, Fair Lawn, Kent. Book Review: Burleigh, The Story of a Pottery

Summer 2003

Spring 2003

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