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OCT 17-20, 2019

The Historic Tutwiler Hotel in downtown Birming-ham will serve as the conference hotel. Make a Reservation


DAY ONE: Thursday, October 17

Historic Tutwiler Hotel

Registration and Check-in, Welcome Reception, Cash Bar, Group Dinner, Lecture # 1

DAY TWO: Friday, October 18

Birmingham Museum of Art (BMA) & Tutwiler Hotel

Lectures #2-4, Catered Lunch, Handling Session, Wedgwood Collection Tour, Group Dinner, Show & Discuss Session

DAY THREE: Saturday, October 19

BMA, Off-site Venues &Tutwiler Hotel

Lecture # 5-6, Visit to the Arlington Antebellum Home & Gardens with Catered Lunch, Tour of Private Collection, Group Dinner

DAY FOUR: Sunday, October 20

Tutwiler Hotel

Lecture # 7-8, Annual Business Meeting, Raffle Drawing, Box Lunch, & Transferware Show & Sale

The Birmingham Museum of Art houses the largest collection of Wedgwood ceramics in the USA.

Discover more about Transferware!

Join us for a journey of discovery! Learn how Britain’s pottery manufacturers gained commercial success with their printed pottery and porcelain both at home and abroad. Annual Meeting attendees will enjoy three and one half days of talks with 7 transferware experts. Download a full summary of each lecture.

Enrichment Programs at the Birmingham Museum of Art

The TCC 2019 Annual Meeting will be richly enhanced by on-site programming at the Birmingham Museum of Art (BMA) on Friday, October 18, and Saturday, October 19, which includes lectures, guided tours, handling sessions, and gallery exploration. Download the schedule of events!

There’s More! History & Collection Tours

A tour and lunch at the Arlington Antebellum Home and Gardens and a visit to a wonderful private collection of transferware and other ceramics is sure to excite. Download more information!

Take it all home with you!

The TCC Annual Meeting invites members to participate in an outstanding Transferware Sale and Raffle. Leave space in you suitcase to add to your collection along with the memories of a spectacular experience! Learn more about it.



2019 Annual Meeting PayPal Online Payment Form.

Registration Fees

Dealer Transferware Sale Table Rental 6' x 30" table with linens
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New TCC Membership


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Past Meetings

California’s Fifth Regional Meeting February 2019
Additional discussion and images

Summary 2018 Annual Meeting: Providence, RI
Meeting Summary

2017 Annual Meeting
Meeting Summary

2016 Annual Meeting Oct 23-26
Meeting Summary

2015 Annual Meeting: Special Tour to England
Meeting Summary  View images

2014 Meeting: Mendenhall, Pennsylvania / Winterthur
Meeting Summary

2013 Meeting: Boston, Massachusetts
Meeting Summary

2012 Meeting: Seattle, Washington
Meeting Summary

2011 Meeting: Baltimore, Maryland
Meeting Summary
2011 Annual Meeting Bulletin

October 2010  Meeting: Durham, New Hampshire
Detailed description

October 2009  Meeting: Bristol, England
Detailed description

2008  Meeting:  Williamsburg, Virginia
Complete description | Center Spread

2007 Meeting: Hartford, Connecticut
Complete description | Optional day

2006 Meeting: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Complete description

2005 Meeting: Phoenix, Arizona
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2004 Meeting: Sturbridge, Massachusetts
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2003 Meeting:  Stoke-on-Trent, England
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2002 Meeting:  Pennsylvania/Winterthur
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2001 Meeting:  Monterey, California
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2000 Meeting:  Durham, New Hampshire
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Annual Meetings

Our annual meetings are usually 3-½ days and provide members with the opportunities to:

  • attend lectures by transferware researchers;

  • exchange information on new discoveries;

  • meet the authors of recent publications;

  • visit important collections which are often not open to the general public, often with guided tours by docents or others with specific knowledge of the collections;

  • attend a transferware-exclusive show and sale, probably the most transferware available for purchase, anywhere, at any one time;

  • win exceptional transferware pieces during a Transferware Raffle (Raffle proceeds benefit the TCC Scholarship Program);

  • attend the annual business meeting, with opportunities to learn more about TCC activities and plans, and elect officers;

  • and have a great time in a relaxed atmosphere with fellow transferware enthusiasts.

Our meetings commonly include bus trips to transferware-related sites and collections which otherwise would not be accessible to our members. We usually enjoy a special "optional day" with even more exciting visits to interesting sites and collections. Past meetings are summarized below.

Regional Meetings

Upcoming Meetings

California Regional MeetingHost a Regional Meeting. Meeting Guidelines.

Past Meetings

  • California’s Fifth Regional Meeting February 2019 More information.
  • West Coast Regional Meeting Saturday May 11, 2013. More information.
  • California Regional Gathering Saturday May 21, 2011: More information.  Photos and additional information.
  • Northern California informal regional meeting, June 6-7, 2009. Northern California Regional Meeting:  31 TCC members and guests enjoyed a day of fun, food and transferware at the home of Margie and Kent Williams.

Meeting Guidelines

Regional meetings encourage the study and enjoyment of transferware and help establish a network of friends with similar interests. Collectors are encouraged to host private meetings in their area. 

Organizers of these local/regional meetings are advised of the following TCC guidelines:

  • All funding will be at the host's and/or their invitee's own expense. 
  • Meetings are independent of the Transferware Collectors Club, and the TCC is not and will not be responsible in any way for the conduct, expense, or any legal obligations associated with such events that may arise.
  • These events may not be scheduled during the 3 months prior to the annual TCC meeting. 
  • Organizers are encouraged to inform other members of regional meeting activities by sending meeting reports to the editors of the TCC Bulletin and Web site  
  • Upon request by regional meeting organizers, mailings must be approved and coordinated by a TCC Board Member with the assistance of the club's Membership Chair. Send meeting proposals to president@transcollectorsclub.org






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