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Sharing a passion for antique British transferware from 1760 to 1900

TCC welcomes everyone who shares our love for the beauty and technical proficiency of British transferware including Blue and White, Staffordshire Pottery, Pearlware, Romantic and more... Join us and receive access to our benefits!


Database of Patterns and Sources

16,352 patterns and 1052 sources and still growing.


TCC Bulletins

New issue 4 times a year, plus archive available online.

TCC Board Announces Postponement of the 2020 Annual Meeting

In light of current estimates provided by the federal government that the Covid-19 pandemic could be with us well into the summer or longer, the TCC Board of Directors has voted to postpone the 2020 annual meeting, originally scheduled for October 15-18, until the following year. This decision was not taken lightly, but the health and safety of our members, many of whom are senior citizens, is of our utmost concern.

Thanks to the dedicated efforts of member Leslie Bouterie, most of the extensive planning already completed can still be implemented in 2021. Until we meet again in the next year, we send our sincerest wish for good health and well-being for all members and their families. Please contact  TCC President Scott Hanson if you have any questions or if you would like to volunteer to help with the 2021 meeting.

2019 Paul and Gladys Richards Charitable Foundation Research Grant Recipient

George Haggarty, Scotland
Project TitleA Catalog of Transfer-printed Pottery Produced by Scotland’s East Coast Potteries Prior to 1850.

Haggarty says, "In this paper I will use both extant examples and shards recovered archaeologically to highlight what evidence we have, for production of transfer printed wares, by the potteries situated between Portobello and Prestonpans."   Read article.


BULLETIN! TCC 2020 Number 1

Bulletin cover

Download/read this issue’s feature article (all site visitors):  Transferware used at Cambridge Colleges. Members, download/read the entire issue  here.

The TCC Bulletin Index -- incorporating listings of articles from the Fall 1999 issue through to the most recent issue, Vol.XX No. 3, 2019 -- has been updated as of December 2019. A rich resource! Read it  here.

Photo of the Month

Cheddleton Mill


View downstream from the Cheddleton Flint Mill near Stoke-On-Trent, England (above), taken on the same occasion as the image below of the mill (below). The contrast between the industrial and the rural in 18th century England is apparent! Thanks to Roger Pomfret for the image.

Flint, an important pottery ingredient, was fired and milled at this location, not far from Stoke-On-Trent, England. The flint was transported by canal from the beaches of the English Channel to the mill. TCC members spent a lovely morning at the site, as part of our 2003 annual meeting. View several thousand images related to ceramics and transferware on our website’s Image Gallery,  here. Read a description of the 2003 meeting  here.

Click on images for enlarged view.

Send us your favorite photo and caption for consideration as an upcoming Photo of the Month for inclusion on the TCC web site, Facebook site, and monthly eNews: webadmin@transcollectorsclub.org

Pattern of the Month

Outdoor Amusements

Outdoor Amusements #01

The pattern, Outdoor Amusements #01, is shown on an 18.5 inch high garden seat. Visit  more information and other archived patternsto learn more about this pattern.

Thanks to Judie Siddall for preparing the “Pattern of the Month".

Tile Display of the Month

Wheat Bouquet

Wheat Bouquet

This is a very strong brown and white pattern on a 6 inch tile with the center section set in diagonal shape. The back of the tile gives no information regarding pattern nor maker. No reference has been found for the pattern; therefore, it has a TCC Assigned Name. Pattern #19246 in the database.  More images.

Thanks to Connie Rogers and Kurt O’Hare for preparing the “Tile Display of the Month.”


New Catalogue of Bottle Ovens in the UK and Pomona Pottery, Newcastle-under-Lyme


Thanks to Terry Woolliscroft for providing this listing of all known remaining bottle ovens and kilns in the UK. Terry was instrumental in conducting the project. Download PDF listing or  link to Terry’s blog to view the list.

In addition, Terry has created a new page featuring Bell's Pomona Pottery in Newcastle-under-Lyme, neighboring town to Stoke-on-Trent.   Link to the Pomona Pottery page.
Click on image to see larger version. Photo credits: TCC Image Gallery (top); The Potteries Bottle Oven (Terry Woolliscroft) (bottom).


Gladstone Pottery Museum Walk Through

Thank you to Terry Woolliscroft for directing us to this exciting walk through tour of the Gladstone Pottery Museum.  Those of us who have visited will enjoy “returning”, and those who have never visited will profit from this virtual visit, and hopefully will be inspired to visit in person.  Link to virtual tour.

Click on image to see larger version.


Firing a Downdraught Beehive Kiln

film link

Excellent 25 minute film on Irish clay pipe manufacture, and in particular, the firing of a downdraught beehive kiln.  Great imagery and music!  Link here to YouTube.

Thanks to Terry Woolliscroft for bringing this to our attention.



Bound By Clay: Celebrating Women’s Contribution to Ceramics in Stoke-on-Trent and North Staffordshire.

film link

Link here to YouTube.


Thanks to Loren Zeller and Phil Rowley for bringing this to our attention.

Classified Ad

WANTED - "Sydenham"

In search of "Sydenham" pattern by Joseph Clementson, preferably in blue but other colors considered.  The pattern dates to circa 1852 to 1864 and may have also been manufactured by his successor, Clementson Brothers.  Read more.

Henrywood's Highlights Number Thirty-Seven of an Ongoing Series

Everard, Colclough & Townsend
The little-known and short-lived firm of Everard, Colclough & Townsend worked in Longton, probably from about 1840 through to the end of June 1845. At the time of writing, the TCC database has no records of any wares from the factory – possibly they had little trade with America – but they certainly made some distinctive transferware jugs.  More information. Visit the  Article Archives.

The Paul and Gladys Richards Foundation Research Grant Program

Canadian Advertising Pot Lids

Gift Memberships

by Bruce Pynn

2016 The Paul and Gladys Richards Foundation Research Grant Program - Winner

Advertising pot lids can be found from many countries particularly English speaking nations and are collected by a dedicated group of enthusiasts across the world.  Get more information.

Classified Ads on the TCC Web Site

Members Welcome to Post Ads!

Did you know that your TCC membership entitles you to free advertising on our site? Check out all our  classified ads,and consider placing your own!

Your TCC Bulletin Editor is Soliciting!

Bulletin sample article page

Your TCC Bulletin Editor is soliciting--for articles, that is! The Bulletin needs your fresh contributions about transferware: research articles, rare or previously unrecorded patterns or variations on well-known themes, unusual forms, source prints, personal experiences and interpretations, highlights from your collections. All contributions are welcome and appreciated. Contact Richard Halliday at blueandwhite@btinternet.com.

The Database Needs Editors

Database detectiveDo you love a good mystery? Do you fancy yourself to be a Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple?

If your answer is “yes”, then you are the perfect candidate to join the ranks of TCC Database Detectives! Download more information.

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Transferware Collectors Club Gift Memberships

Gift Memberships

Give your favorite transferware enthusiast the gift of a one-year membership to the Transferware Collectors Club! Gift recipients receive a handsome certificate verifying their membership as your gift, enabling them to take advantage of the same benefits that you enjoy. More information.

Transferware Exhibition Web Sites Co-Sponsored by TCC

spode exhibition image Visit three exciting web sites co-sponsored by The Transferware Collectors Club -- Spode Exhibition On Line, Patriotic America, and Printed British Pottery and Porcelain. Read the Patriotic America press release or Printed British Pottery and Porcelain press release.

Featured Books


Jugsby R. K. Henrywood

Before the days of modern packaging the only vessel available for fetching, storing or serving liquids was the simple jug. Jugs were the staple product of many pottery firms and, since most households would need several, the potential market was vast and there was great competition among the manufacturers.   Link to book here.

The Godden's Guide to Ironstone, Stone and Granite Ware

by Geoffrey A. Godden Godden's Guide to Ironstone

British Ironstone China and the related stone china and granite ceramic bodies are as important in their way as English creamwares or indeed bone china itself.   Link to book.

Featured Articles

Surprising Spout Prints Database Discoveries - Contribution
# 10 Transferware Collectors Club April 2013

by DeeDee Dodd

Every once in a while, when working as an editor in the TCC Pattern and Source Print Database, one is completely surprised. It might be when a marked piece in a pattern surfaces, and it suddenly becomes possible to identify the maker of that pattern. It might be when one finds evidence of copper plates being purchased by one potter at another potter's bankruptcy sale, explaining why the patterns of the two potters appear to be identical. It might be when one finds evidence of a pattern being re-issued under a different name decades after it was originally introduced. Or, as in the case at point in this article, it might be when one finds some unexpected pattern anomalies.  Read the article.

'Sawney's Defence': Anti-Catholicism, Consumption and Performance in 18th-Century Britain

by Danielle Thom

This article examines an 18th-century English transfer-printed quart mug, printed with an image derived from a popular anti-Catholic satire from about 1779. The article explores the relationship between object, image and audience, locating the mug within a nexus of Protestant masculine sociability that extended across the social hierarchy. Drawing upon existing forms of printed polemic, the mug shaped and was shaped by extra-Parliamentary political action, primarily in the form of toasting. This opened up possibilities for representation beyond those embedded in print culture, bringing a crucial performative element to an otherwise fixed point of polemical reference.  Read more.


What is my transferware piece worth?

What's it worth?  The simple answer – whatever you can get for it – has truth but doesn’t explain why. More | Other FAQs

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aution watch

Schmidt’s Antiques
June 6, 2020
Ceramics Auction

A varied ceramics offering including Durham Ox, Shipping, and Spode Indian Sporting Series; Source Prints; Staffordshire figures; and various additional Staffordshire pottery.  Link to auction

Pook & Pook
Americana Auction
June 20, 2020

The auction will feature two collections of Historical Transferware and other Staffordshire, including the collection of TCC Member Kurt O’Hare.  View images. Link to auction.

Jeffrey S. Evans and Associates
38th Semi-Annual Americana Auction June 26 & 27

Superb selection of American historical transferware including the collections of Theodore and the late Alvina Breckel, of Oley, Pennsylvania and Winnetka, Illinois , and of Randy and Lois Boyer, TCC members of Towson, Maryland.
More info. Link to auction.

Please  contact us if you are offering or know of an upcoming auction with an emphasis on transferware.

The Spode Museum Trust Seeks Funding for Its 250th Anniversary Display of the Spode Collection

In Partnership with Portmeirion, the current Spode brand owner, the Trust plans to celebrate Spode’s 250th Anniversary by opening an exhibition in the Old Museum space with new displays from the collection held in storage since the factory’s closing over ten years ago. These new displays will feature the company’s outstanding ceramic production including the classic Georgian Greek, Caramaniam and Italian patterns as well as pattern books, order books and much more.

In order to complete their work, the Trust needs to raise £35,000 (approximately $46,000 US) to renovate the Old Museum space and the existing showcases, create the new displays and to link the original museum space to the existing Heritage Center opening in May 2020. The renovated space and new exhibits will take the Heritage Centre to a new level making the full range of Spode production available for future generations to enjoy.
Read more.

TCC Announces Legacy Program

Donors who are committed to ensuring the future of the Transferware Collectors Club (TCC) by making a donation while living or by including a bequest in their estate plan will be pleased to learn that the TCC has just announced a Legacy Program designed to support these objectives.  Learn more.

The Transferware Collectors Club (TCC) has relaunched three important online exhibition sites with new functionality and content enhancements.

With nearly one hundred thousand visitors to its three online exhibition sites, The Transferware Collectors Club (TCC) reaffirms its commitment to providing a quality experience for visitors by relaunching the following three important exhibitions, now with new functionality and content:

• Spodeceramics.com, first launched in 2012 in partnership with the Winterthur Museum

• Americanhistoricalstaffordshire.com, branded Patriotic America, debuted in 2014 in collaboration with Historic New England, and

• Printedbritishpotteryandporcelain.com in partnership with the Northern Ceramic Society, was launched in 2015

Rich with content for ceramic collectors, researchers, authors, curators, and historic archaeologists, the sites are sure to deliver value for their visitors. The exhibition’s curators continue to enhance them and, now, with site application upgrades, including a new magnification feature and upgraded content management capabilities, the TCC and its collaborators are pleased to relaunch these exhibits, all free to a worldwide audience.
Download press release

Recorder News Issue 24
May 2020

Several interesting items this time, ranging from black humour, through a couple of good marks (one a puzzle), a look at hospitals, and updates to the Rose Border series, to a claimant for the smallest miniature piece of transferware.  Read more.


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Davenport in the Madison Family Dining Room

Read about the Davenport Bamboo & Peony pattern used at President James Madison’s Montpelier. TCC members have donated pieces of this pattern to Montpelier. No doubt, additional donations would be welcomed. Link here.

Ceramic Sherds at Montpelier

Read about the excavation, assembly and identification of ceramic sherds at Montpelier.
Link here.

A Tear for Poland (see the TCC Database of Patterns and Sources for additional information on this pattern).

TCC member and Database Category Editor Leslie Bouterie avidly volunteers at Montpelier, and has identified numerous patterns

The 2019 Anual Meeting Raffle raised $ 830.00
20th Anniversary mugs raised $236.00

1. Kim Graham
2. Benny Jesseman
3. Carol Strom
4. Karen Beare
5. Juliana Falk
Raffle Winners & Donors.

Updated Donor List
Transferware Collectors Club is extremely grateful for the generous contributions this past year which continue to help to make its programs and resources possible. Download the list of
2019 donors.

Friends of the Spode Museum
TCC Members and Subscribers may make tax deductible donations to support the outstanding effort by the Spode Museum Trust Heritage Center with their restoration initiatives by sending a check in U.S. Dollars (payable to American Friends of the Spode Museum) to: 47 Roselyn Terrace, San Francisco, CA 94118.
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The TCC Bulletin Index -- incorporating listings of articles from the Fall 1999 issue through to the most recent issue, Vol.XX No. 3, 2019 -- has been updated as of December 2019. A rich resource! Read it  here.

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Results of Recent Auctions Advertised on the TCC Website and eNews


The Masonic Hall, Philadelphia plate recently offered by TCC member Richard Marden sold for $7000, significantly over the $5000 reserve.

A ca. 1793 President Washington and Eagle medallion plate recently offered by TCC member Peter Scott sold for $9500.


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