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Sharing a passion for antique British transferware from 1760 to 1900

TCC welcomes everyone who shares our love for the beauty and technical proficiency of British transferware including Blue and White, Staffordshire Pottery, Pearlware, Romantic and more... Join us and receive access to our benefits!


Database of Patterns and Sources

14,656 patterns and 979 sources and still growing.


TCC Bulletins

New issue 4 times a year, plus archive available online.

2017 Phoenix, Arizona

2018 Research Grant Proposal Deadline Extended to May 20.

The proposal receipt deadline has been extended to May 20. Contact Jackie Overman immediately if interested: overman@sbcglobal.net.

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New Book
The Transferware Recorder Volume Four Released

Transferware Recorder Volume Four, authored by TCC member and transferware scholar Dick Henrywood, is available for purchase. The printing was subsidized by a TCC Paul and Gladys richards Charitable Foundation Research Grant, and thus the author is offering a discount of 20% off the price of the book to all TCC members ($36 includes shipping). Learn more and order the book.

Hans Van Lemmen Tile Presentations

Serving as the Keynote Speaker for the 2017 Annual Meeting in Tempe, Arizona, Hans van Lemmen presented two fine lectures on the history of printed British tiles. More Information and download the lecture slides.

Pattern of the Month


Shown is a pattern in the Animals Category/Birds in the TCC Database of Patterns and Sources. Visit more information and other archived patterns to learn more about this pattern.

Wonderful North Carolina jug

View Antiques Roadshow video of a rare Liverpool jug "A North View of Govr. Wallace’s Shell Castle & Harbour North Carolina”. Valued by the Roadshow appraiser at $8,000-$12,000, with only one other documented example known. Thanks to TCC members Cerelle Bolon and Loren Zeller. Link to Video

New information website

Victorian Ointment Pots

Paul Barker has been collecting Victorian bottles and pots for many years. He started with the relatively common Thomas Holloway pots, the Clarke's pots and the Poor Man's Friend pots from Dr. Roberts. Following his visits to specialist regional bottle fairs, he was able to find a few of the more scarcer pots. He has been hunting high and low for new pots to add to his collection. link to website

Photos of the Month

advertising pot lid

What a Difference a Price Makes
The advertising pot lid on the left recently sold on eBay for $572.85.  The lid on the right, typical of various versions, sold for $20.16.  We’ll leave it to you to spot the difference (and no, it’s not the extra space between border and rim).

Click on images for enlarged view.

Send us your favorite photo and caption for consideration as an upcoming Photo of the Month for inclusion on the TCC web site, Facebook site, and monthly eNews: webadmin@transcollectorsclub.org

New Book
Swansea Commemorative Pottery

by Helen Hallesy
The focus of the book is on a relatively small group of wares produced at the Swansea potteries in South Wales, generally classed as ‘commemoratives’, sometimes documentary, certainly historical. The aim has been to discover and record the primary source materials from which the engravers and artists at Swansea worked. Price UK £38, Price to TCC members £30. Get more information.

BULLETIN! TCC 2018 Number 1

Bulletin cover

Read the issue's featured article Japan Dreams of Egypt: Cairo by William T Copeland and Sons By Kelly Keating. Members, read the entire issue here.


Henrywood's Highlights Number Thirty-Five of an Ongoing Series

Illiad series
A series of classical figure patterns made by G.L.Ashworth & Bros. of Hanley. Most of the figures are derived from Flaxman’s illustrations to Homer’s Iliad, hence the title adopted here. More information. Visit the Article Archives.

Database Discoveries Article #26

The “Uva” Mystery – Continued

boy stealing apples

Author Leslie Bouterie writes "Ace detectives, such as Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot, are always attuned to the surfacing
of clues and new information, even when a mystery, supposedly, has been solved. This TCC database editor and detective shares that mindset, and was delighted when new evidence came to light regarding "The Uva Mystery." Read the article. See DBD archives.

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Give your favorite transferware enthusiast the gift of a one-year membership to the Transferware Collectors Club! Gift recipients receive a handsome certificate verifying their membership as your gift, enabling them to take advantage of the same benefits that you enjoy. More information.


Classified Ad

Sporting Scenes Transferware Plate

For Sale: Sporting Scenes Transferware Plate
This octagonal, 9.5-inch plate, is printed in blue with a simple border of triangles and diamonds. The scene is of two dogs and a man looking through a spyglass. The pattern name is “Sporting Scenes”. The plate was made by J.F. Wileman in Staffordshire between 1870-1892.
Contact: John Bland at jcb29jcb29@gmail.com
Download for more info and photos.

Classified Ad

Asia & Islamic Tramsferware

Looking to purchase for my collection: transferware made for export to Asia and the Islamic world, e.g. with writing in Arabic script. Please contact Jaap Otte at jaapotte@yahoo.de.  1.240.472.1625. Check out all our classified ads, and consider placing your own!

Classified Ads on the TCC Web Site

Members Welcome to Post Ads! (Dealers pay a nominal fee.)

Did you know that your TCC membership entitles you to free advertising on our site? (Dealers pay a nominal fee.) Check out all our classified ads, and consider placing your own!

Your TCC Bulletin Editor is Soliciting!

Bulletin sample article page

Your TCC Bulletin Editor is soliciting--for articles, that is! The Bulletin needs your fresh contributions about transferware: research articles, rare or previously unrecorded patterns or variations on well-known themes, unusual forms, source prints, personal experiences and interpretations, highlights from your collections. All contributions are welcome and appreciated. More information.

The Database Needs Editors

Database detectiveDo you love a good mystery? Do you fancy yourself to be a Sherlock Holmes or Miss Marple?

If your answer is “yes”, then you are the perfect candidate to join the ranks of TCC Database Detectives! Download more information.

Transferware Exhibition Web Sites Co-Sponsored by TCC

spode exhibition image Visit three exciting web sites co-sponsored by The Transferware Collectors Club -- Spode Exhibition On Line, Patriotic America, and Printed British Pottery and Porcelain. Read the Patriotic America press release or Printed British Pottery and Porcelain press release.

Featured Books

Godden's Guide to Ironstone, Stone and Granite Ware 

by Geoffrey A. Godden

British Ironstone China and the related stone china and granite ceramic bodies are as important in their way as English creamwares or indeed bone china itself. Initially, the ironstone-type bodies were introduced to emulate, rival and undersell the vast and popular importations of Oriental porcelains. Get more information.

History of the Staffordshire Potteries

by Simeon Shaw, 1829, reissued 1900.

Available as a PDF download. A classic publication, still referenced by researchers. Get more information.

Featured Articles

QUEENSWARE BY THE CRATE Ceramic Products as Advertised in the St. Louis Marketplace 1810-1850

by Robert Mazrim, John Walthall

This paper focuses on ceramics advertised in St. Louis newspapers between 1809 and 1850. The bulk of references to ceramics in these advertisements referred to inexpensive refined British earthenwares, which were generically called "Queenswares." While that term was coined by Wedgwood to refer to his creamware product lines, the term was soon used to refer to most inexpensive British earthenwares, including post- 1780 pearlware and post-1830 whiteware. As will be seen below, merchants may have excluded some of the new ironstone products from this category, in an effort to distinguish them from more "common" earthenwares. Read this article.

The Romance of Old Blue: collecting and displaying Old Blue Staffordshire China in the American Home c.1870-1938

Fig 3. Henry Francis Du Pont Winterthur Museum Blue Staffordshire Room Courtesy Winterthur Library: Printed Books & Periodicals Collection

by Anne Anderson

This article starts with the quote:

Old Blue... allowed the collector to indulge patriotic, artistic and historical interests simultaneously. For all these reasons during the last quarter of the 19th century old china was probably the most widely collected of the antiques that had been made or used in America.

Read this article.



What is my transferware piece worth?

What's it worth?  The simple answer – whatever you can get for it – has truth but doesn’t explain why. More | Other FAQs

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aution watch

Jeffrey S. Evans
June 23, 2018
Americana Auction

Several collections of American view and American Historical blue (and other color) transfer-printed pottery to be included in upcoming June 23, 2018 auction.
Additional photos.
 Link to auction highlights and additional information.

Please contact us if you are offering or know of an upcoming auction with an emphasis on transferware.

Dining by Design: Nature Displayed on the Dinner Table Exhibit

April 2, 2018 - January 6, 2019

Winterthur Museum,
Garden & Library
More information.

James Madison’s Montpelier Archaeology Expeditions

Montpelier announces its 2018 Excavation Expedition and Other Programs. More information.

Historic Eastfield New York 2018 Workshops

For four decades, the Annual Series of Early American Trades and Historic Preservation Workshops has offered workshops and symposia in the traditional trades and domestic arts. The goal is to maintain the highest educational standards, with instructors who are leaders in their fields. The in-depth, hands-on workshops appeal to a wide range of students, including tradesmen, craftsmen, and museum personnel seeking to advance their knowledge and skills, as well as homeowners looking to deal with issues concerning historic home maintenance & restoration. Link to 2018 Workshops.

Preliminary Announcement Festival of Bottle Ovens
More information

Blue and White Ceramics: An Enduring Global Obsession: Krannert Art Museum, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Champaign, Illinois: Through August 30, 2018

The exhibition centers on Chinese blue and white porcelain collected and emulated around the world. Potters around the world attempted to mimic the aesthetic qualities of blue and white porcelain, making faience (Delftware) and other ceramics. The exhibition will include American, Chinese, Dutch, English, German, Swedish, and Turkish ceramics from the Ming Dynasty to the present day. More information.

News of Dick Henrywood's Transferware Recorder News
On to Issue Twelve of the Recorder News, keeping up our two-monthly schedule. The exciting news this time is the publication of Volume Four of The Transferware Recorder but we still have space for a new discovery, an auction report, and an interesting retailer’s mark.
April 2018

Recorder News 9

Download a copy.

Updated Donor List
Transferware Collectors Club is extremely grateful for the generous contributions this past year which continue to help to make its programs and resources possible. Download the list of
2017-2018 donors.

Download 2017 Annual Meeting RAFFLE DONORS.

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• Include a very short description paragraph, including a link to your website and/or email address.
• Dealers must be TCC members, limited to once/year maximum.
• Requests will be processed in the order received, and there is no guarantee as to when your ad will be posted.
• The TCC Web Administrator at his/her discretion has the right to reject inappropriate  or inadequate submittals.

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Results of Recent Auctions Advertised on the TCC Website and eNews


The Masonic Hall, Philadelphia plate recently offered by TCC member Richard Marden sold for $7000, significantly over the $5000 reserve.

A ca. 1793 President Washington and Eagle medallion plate recently offered by TCC member Peter Scott sold for $9500.


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